MAVEN High Standard Threaded Splash Guard / UV 🔩Threaded🔩 Filter - 82mm, 77mm, 72mm, 67mm, 62mm, 58mm, 55mm, 52mm, 49mm

MAVEN High Standard Threaded Splash Guard / UV 🔩Threaded🔩 Filter - 82mm, 77mm, 72mm, 67mm, 62mm, 58mm, 55mm, 52mm, 49mm

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For years, Michael has been one of the loudest critics against "UV filters". Why?

From Michael himself:"Of all the photography accessories I know of, UV filters are probably the one that is exploited more than any on unsuspecting new camera owners. There is a time and place for these filters, but they aren't always what's being told to those without the knowledge to know better."

Here are some truths other filter manufacturers won't tell you:

- Digital Sensors do not capture UV light. Therefore the need to remove UV light from digital cameras is unnecessary. To advertise such to a new camera owner in text or image is deceptive. They will be useful for film cameras, however.

- UV filters offer very little physical impact protection. In what is probably the best study of UV filters in the history of the internet, Steve Perry did a series of tests giving some pretty good data that if UV filters offer any impact protection, it is negligible. Filter hoods give far greater impact protection.

Lens Coatings are Superior to Most UV filter Coatings. The coatings on lenses and the lenses themselves are carefully engineered to offer far more protection than the vast majority of UV filters. 

- UV filters, especially Cheap ones, usually degrade image sharpness. Some UV filters are made with sheet glass instead of optical glass. Some UV filters are not completely flat, resulting in slight refraction. Even worse when they are hard to clean or are dirty. 

So what are "UV" Filters good for? According to Michael:

"As a photography community, we really need to stop calling them UV filters unless we are shooting film. They are more precisely described as splash or spray guards because that is the function they really do help with. If I am out in a very dusty, dirty or wet environment, I will use a Splash Guard to prevent my lenses from environmental consequences. Some lenses, like the Canon 16-35 2.8 L II isn't weather proof without a Splash Guard for example. Some shooters don't want sand pelting the front of their lens in the desert. Some users would rather clean a filter over and over instead of their lens coatings in rough situations. All of those make sense. Just make sure you have a good quality UV/Splash Filter."

There is one other problem Michael wanted to solve: "Its so easy to forget we have UV filters on our lenses because they just blend in with the lens barrel. I wanted to make it easier to see what we had on the end of the lens, and I figured one easy way to do this was with a Grey Color to denote a Splash guard."

MAVEN Splash Guards Include:

- Easy to See Grey Metallic Color to indicate there is no CPL or significant change in exposure.
- Manufactured with Schott B270, Pure White Optical Glass
- Inspected for Surface Flatness
- 16 MRC (Multi Resistant Coating, including anti reflective and anti scratch surfacing)
- Hydrophobic Nano Coating to minimize finger prints or need for cleaning
- They ARE made with UV film, for those who want to use them on film cameras, but this isn't something digital photographers need.
- Custom Individual Serial number for registration and tracking purposes.  
- Comes with a Unique GREY Round Box, to make it easy to find in your gear bag.

- MAVEN's 100% Money Back Guarantee 
(If not happy after 30 days return for a full 100% refund)
- MAVEN's 100% Anti-Theft Promise (If your filter gets stolen, provide proof of purchase and police report and MAVEN will replace your stolen filters!)
- MAVEN's Lifetime Warranty - If the filter ever breaks due to workmanship (not wear and tear) we will replace it for the cost of shipping!