MAVEN High Standard Threaded 3 STOP Neutral Density 🔩Threaded🔩 Filter  -  82mm, 77mm, 72mm, 67mm, 62mm, 58mm, 55mm, 52mm, 49mm

MAVEN High Standard Threaded 3 STOP Neutral Density 🔩Threaded🔩 Filter - 82mm, 77mm, 72mm, 67mm, 62mm, 58mm, 55mm, 52mm, 49mm

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This is Michael's featherweight & slim version 3 Stop Neutral Density Filter design with gimbal videographers and strobes photographers in mind. It is one of the slimmest & lightest ND filters on the market, with the 82mm size weighing nearly half that of brass competitors.

3 Stop Neutral Density Filters are a must-have for:

- Videographers shooting outdoors on a sunny day who still want to shoot at f2.8 without overexposure.

- Landscape Photographers who want to get long exposures for waterfalls.

- Portrait photographers using strobe outdoors who are looking to balance ambient and strobe lights.

Michael's goal with his threaded filter line is to reduce the number of steps required to use them, including the hassle of inspecting each lens. If you know the color, you know the filter you have in your collection or on the end of a lens! MAVEN's color-coded filter system means that each model of filter is a different color, in this case, Red, to match the video record button icon because this is the most common filter videographers will use outdoors. 

MAVEN 3 Stop Neutral Density Filter Features:

- MAVEN Tier 1 Color Performance - No visible color shift - A top performer in its class.
- 3 Stops of ND Performance within 1/3 of a Stop
- Made from Schott B270 Pure White Optical Glass from Germany
- 16 Layers MRC (Multi-Resistant Coating, including anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings.
- Hydrophobic Nano Surface to repel fingerprints and stains and make it easier to clean. 
- 3 Notches on the filter ring, giving a tactic-tile identifier for shooting in dark locations. 
- 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
- Individual Serial Number for registration
- MAVEN's 100% Money Back Guarantee (If not happy after 30 days, return for a full 100% refund)
- MAVEN's 100% Anti-Theft Promise (If your filter gets stolen, provide proof of purchase and a police report, and MAVEN will replace your stolen filters!)
- MAVEN's Lifetime Warranty - If the filter ever breaks due to workmanship (not wear and tear) we will replace it for the cost of shipping!
- RED MAVEN Circle Box - The 3 Stop Filters come with the RED Variant on the one size fits all storage boxes. Know which filter you have without opening it!  

*The featherweight version of this 3 Stop filter is a 1 time only production, when the inventory is gone, these are gone! 

** MAVEN filters and cases themselves may have slight variations of color & paint and may not be exactly as represented in the images of the prototypes.