Canon R7 Crash Course Tutorial Training Video

Canon R7 Crash Course Tutorial Training Video

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In this course, award winning instructor, camera tester & professional wedding photographer Michael Andrew takes us on a step-by-step tour of the amazing Canon R7! This course is designed to take any photographer of any level, including pure beginners and get them up to speed as quickly as possible, and then push forward to high-level, advanced techniques. (And this particular course is absolutely loaded)

When Michael started in 2003, before the youtube age, he learned by trial and error. It took him 2 years to fully master his camera. In 2008, after many years of shooting weddings, Michael was convinced he could develop a teaching system to help new students learn their cameras over a weekend. He's been teaching new photographers ever since! Michael's unique approach focuses on simplicity, clarity, and synthesis, which has helped thousands of beginning students learn their cameras in just a few hours. 

If you own a Canon R7 and are looking to improve your photographic skills or aren’t exactly sure how everything works….this is the tutorial for you!

Run Time:  9hrs 

Included Lessons:

Part 1 - Michael's FULL Photography School Video Training (A $20 Value)
The Basics of Digital Photography Crash Course, including:

    • Exposure Lesson
    • Shutter Speed Lessons
    • Aperture Lessons
    • Depth of Field Lessons
    • ISO
    • Complete Composition Lessons- 11 in all
    • Digital Greenhouse
    • Compression
    • Encryption
    • Histograms
    • Lens Crash Course
    • What to do if not enough light
    • Lighting Crash Course.
    • Portrait Crash course
    • Sensor Cleaning
    • Basic Controls & Operation of the Cameras

Part 2-Camera Operations:

    • Symbols & Icons/li>
    • Shooting Modes/li>
    • Exposure Control/li>
    • Focusing Systems/li>
    • Drive Modes/li>
    • White Balance/li>
    • Metering Modes

Part 3- Advanced Shooting Techniques, including:

    • Wildlife Video Shooting
    • AEB - Exposure Bracketing
    • Portrait Crash Course, Lighting, Lenses, Lens Selection, Demonstrations
    • Focus Stacking
    • Multiple Exposure Mode
    • Sports Shooting with the Canon R7 - Settings, Clusters
    • Canon R7 Sunset Shooting Techniques, Stills and Video, Filters,
    • Time lapse & Intervalometer Shooting
    • Focus Trouble Shooting
    • Introduction to Flash & Strobes
    • Flash Settings
    • 3 Rules of Lighting
    • Film History, & Terms
    • Film Like Look
    • Pro Audio Tips
    • Pro Lighting Recommendations
    • Pulling Focus Using the Touch Screen
    • Manual Foucs In Empty Spots
    • Gimbals, Slow Motion and Examples
    • Fluid Heads
    • Shooting for Documentaries
    • Removing Background Noise
    • Sliders
    • Video Workflow
    • Storytelling / Commercial Hollywood Scene Example, Final Examples

 Part 4- Customizations & Deep Menu Systems 

Michael will continue to add new lessons as students new questions arise!