MAVEN 6 Stop 🟪Square🟪 Neutral Density Filter - 100 x 100mm, 84 x 84mm

MAVEN 6 Stop 🟪Square🟪 Neutral Density Filter - 100 x 100mm, 84 x 84mm

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Reducing 98.5% of the amount of available light, a 6 Stop Filter allows ~1.5% of existing light to enter the camera. If you are attempting long exposures, it is one of the most important tools in your arsenal.

Because 6 stop filters are often used during twilight hours, Michael chose to color it LIGHT PURPLE. 

The second part of this is the "ND" or the "Neutral Density" means there should not be any change in color performance once you put the filter on, the scene should be "Neutral", without color change. Unfortunately, that is not the case with most ND filters on the market. 

"MAVEN filters were born from having difficultly finding real Neutral filters. All of them, with rare exceptions, had color shift and that made it a nightmare in post processing. I would rather spend extra to get it right in camera, and save those steps and time in front of a computer." Michael said. 

Easier said than done. To achieve this, Michael developed a brand new testing method any photographer can do at home, and he invited them to inspect their own existing filters. 

"I went through a dozen manufacturers, they wanted to offer me a cheap product, with terrible performance, to sell at a low price. I didn't want my brand associated with cheap products, so I continued to search. Found 3 manufacturers who could do it in prototypes, but there was only 1 who was willing to verify and test each filter after manufacturing. When I found that partner, I knew it was time to move forward." Michael said. 

Every MAVEN 6 Stop ND Square filter has been independently tested and verified for color neutrality. No other filter company can say that.


- Elite, MAVEN Tier 1 Color Neutrality - Each Ring Filter Independently Verified
- Transmits 1.5% of light (6 Stops)
- 16 Layers of MRC (Multi Resistant Coating, including anti reflective and anti scratch surfacing)
- Hydrophobic Nano Coating to minimize finger prints or need for cleaning
- Easy to remember Purple Appearance
- Comes with the MAVEN Soft Filter Case
- MAVEN's 100% Money Back Guarantee (If not happy after 30 days return for a full refund)
- MAVEN's 100% Anti-Theft Promise (If your filter gets stolen, provide proof of purchase and police report and MAVEN will replace your stolen filters!)
- MAVEN's Lifetime Warranty - If the filter ever breaks due to workmanship (not wear and tear) we will replace it for the cost of shipping!

*The Purple version of this 6 Stop Square ND filter is a 1 time only production, when the inventory is gone, these are gone!