Advanced Photography Techniques

Advanced Photography Techniques

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<br>By popular demand, Michael The Maven has taken the very best content of his "Advanced Photography Techniques" workshops and has assembled them in this truly unique and awesome training course

Unlike his many other videos, this is not a crash course for beginners. Michael's APT training assumes you have a working knowledge of your camera and are looking to improve your skills as an intermediate or advanced photographer.<br>

<br><i>"It's essentially a collection of my best tips and tricks that took me about 10 years to learn, all the little things here and there that have added up and can really make or break an image."<i> Michael said in a recent interview. </i>"...but the most valuable part of the DVD, is the model shoot sequence at the end, where I take viewers out on a shoot with me, and explain what I am doing and why, as I take the pictures. It's the first time I have been recorded on a shoot explaining my thinking processes and shooting strategies. Our test viewers raved about this more than anything else."</i></br>

<br>One reviewer, John S. said <i>"I've seen nearly all of Michael's DVDs, in my opinion, this is his best. I have always wondered how he is able to get such great shots with so few attempts and now I know. It's a gold mine of information."</i></br>

<br>If you feel you have mastered your camera and are looking for new weapons to add to your photography arsenal, <strong>Advanced Photography Techniques is for you!</strong><br>

<br>Run time is approximately 3 Hours and 38 minutes.<br>

<br>Included Lessons-<br>

<li>Camera Settings Speed Quiz</li>
<li>Monitor Calibration</li>
<li>Aperture Lessons</li>
<li>5 Ways to be more Creative</li>
<li>Auto Exposure Bracketing</li>
<li>Tack Sharp- Getting Sharper Images in Camera</li>
<li>The Parallelity Problem</li>
<li>Picture Style Settings and Tips</li>
<li>50mm Lens Comparison</li>
<li>Painting with Light (Multiple Lessons)</li>
<li>Pop A Flash - Basic and Advanced</li>
<li>The Wiggle</li>
<li>The Steady Hand</li>
<li>Michael's Secret Handheld Long Exposure Technique</li>
<li>Camera Strap Tips</li>
<li>Landscape Basics</li>
<li>Light and Dark- The Limits of Dynamic Range</li>
<li>Graduated Filters</li>
<li>How To Shoot Fireworks</li>
<li>Macro Lessons</li>
<li>Artist vs Photographer</li>
<li>Let Them Play</li>
<li>JPEG Myths</li>
<li>Cropping to Recompose</li>
<li>Cropping to Resize</li>
<li>8 x 10 Dilemma</li>
<li>Painting with Dark</li>
<li>Lens Distortion</li>
<li>Pinhole Photogrpahy</li>
<li>Self Critique</li>
<li>Tilt Shift Lenses</li>
<li>Star Trail Photography</li>
<li>Texture Overlays in Photoshop</li>
<li>Sky Cam Tips and Tricks</li>
<li>Stop and Go Series (Multiple Lessons)</li>
<li>Cleaning Your View Finder</li>
<li>Shooting in Manual</li>
<li>2 Hand Technique</li>
<li>Shooting into Sunlight</li>
<li>Photography Judo</li>
<li>The List of 10</li>
<li>Scouting a Location</li>
<li>Shooting with Michael</li>
<li>Camera Settings Speed Quiz Part 2</li>

<li>And Much More!!</li>

<br> Sample Lesson: Shooting Fireworks! (Remember this lesson is 3 minutes long, the DVD is over 3.5 hours awesome lessons!) <br>

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