Fuji X-T3/X-T4 Crash Course

Fuji X-T3/X-T4 Crash Course

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Award winning instructor, camera guru & professional wedding photographer Michael Andrew takes us on a step-by-step tour of the Fuji X-T3/X-T4 in this training tutorial download video. Michael Andrew’s unique approach simplifies digital photography and shows students how to use simple techniques to take amazing photographs. Michael blends technical competence with artistic fundamentals in this truly unique training video.

If you own a Fuji X-T3 or X-T4 and are looking to improve your photographic skills or aren’t exactly sure how everything works….this is the training for you!

Run time is approximately 8 Hours.

Included Lessons- Michael's FULL Photography School Video Training!:
Digital Photography Crash Course, including:
  • Exposure Lesson
  • Shutter Speed Lessons
  • Aperture Lessons
  • Depth of Field Lessons
  • ISO
  • Complete Composition Lessons- 11 in all
  • Digital Greenhouse
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Histograms
  • Lens Crash Course
  • What to do if not enough light
  • Lighting Crash Course.
  • Portrait Crash course
  • Sensor Cleaning
  • Protecting your Screen

Canon Fuji X-T3/X-T4 Photography & Video Shooting Tutorial Lessons
  • Additional Menu Items, Focus Stacking, Multiple Exposure Mode, Flash Menu, Orange Menu, Recommended Settings
  • Shooting Guide Summary
  • Sports Shooting with the Fuji X-T3/X-T4 - Settings, Clusters- Optical & Live View
  • Canon Fuji X-T3/X-T4 Sunset Shooting Techniques, Stills and Video, Filters, Timelapse
  • Portrait Crash Course, Lighting, Lenses, Lens Selection, Demonstrations
  • Intervalometer Shooting
  • Introduction to Flash, Strobes, and Shooting with Built-in vs External Flash
  • Flash Settings
  • 3 Rules of Lighting
  • Film History, & Terms
  • Film Like Look
  • Two Microphones, One Jack, Lighting Recommendations
  • Pulling Focus Using the Touch Screen
  • Manual Foucs In Empty Spots
  • Gimbals
  • Gimbal Examples
  • Fluid Heads
  • Shooting for Documentaries
  • Storytelling Hollywood Scene Example, Final Examples
  • Removing Background Noise
  • Sliders
  • Cleaning The Sensor
  • Outro